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From 28849
9 h ago
Dein Sicherheitscode lautet: 018874
From 15866666818
11 h ago
您的簡訊驗證碼為 027965 為了帳號安全,請勿分享給他人
From 15407443974
17 h ago
255438 is your code to talk to Pi. To stop receiving messages from Pi, reply with PAUSE.
From 18446625035
17 h ago
Dear GARAPATI ARUNKUMAR MR, your flight UK 830 for booking S27PGD on 01Jun scheduled to depart Hyderabad at 10:05 and arrive Delhi at 12:30 will now depart Hyderabad at 10:10 and arrive Delhi at 12:30. For further assistance, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 91 9289228888. Vistara regrets the inconvenience caused. If you have read the message and do not wish to receive calls for this information then kindly click on
From 18339940036
18 h ago
“G-984087”是您的 Google 验证码。
From 12494882269
19 h ago
[215794] is your Supercell ID verification code. If you didn't request this, you can safely ignore this message.
From 18446625035
21 h ago
Dear Vistara Customer, Web check-in for your flight UK 830 from Hyderabad to Delhi for 01Jun is now open. You can check-in for your booking reference S27PGD by clicking on Check-in and baggage drop counters will close 60 mins prior to departure. You will earn CV Points on completion of this journey, click on to register with Club Vistara and claim these points.
From 17787431280
1 day ago
Your Lyft code is 948663 Auto verification code: p6h3SR2jrlb
From 18336447164
2 days ago
【INFO】会员您好,您的验证码为 425327,本验证码30分钟后过期。
From 15307236418
3 days ago
From 18138235030
3 days ago
Your Phound validation code is 107309 WuNeufzpYVz
From 18446625035
3 days ago
Dear Vistara Customer, we request completion of Web check-in for all customers before reaching the airport to ensure safe travel. Web check-in for your flight UK 17 from Delhi to London for 01Jun is now open. We request you to Click on to complete the check-in process and self-declaration. It is advisable to report at least 3 hours prior to your Vistara flight. Please note, if there is a domestic leg in your journey then you would be able to do a through check-in 48 hrs prior to departure when domestic web check-in is open.
From 18334445399
3 days ago
[SLOTS] your code is 946697, If not in person, please ignore it.
From 19498996105
3 days ago
From 18138235030
3 days ago
Your Phound validation code is 745750 WuNeufzpYVz

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